Monday, June 29, 2009

June 28, Spirit Speaking Gathering: Followup

Thanks to all of you who attended the gathering yesterday. I hope you are processing the lessons and interpretations and will comment on your experiences here on the blog.(Just hit comment button.)
This was a powerful, powerful gathering: I use the word powerful in the sense of connecting to Spirit and realizing we are all interconnected with all there is.The topic was Free Will and Forgiveness, which gave way to three hours of sharing, learning, understanding, tears and laughter. All of this took us further down our spiritual paths as healers, and showed our willingness to allow ourselves to heal on a deeper spiritual level.

Two things to share:
1.) If one is directed by Spirit to do something (for instance, clear an obstacle from one's path, forgive someone, ask for deeper understanding of a relationship situation, etc.) and does not take Spirit's suggestion, one will be brought over and over again to the same situation.

2.) When one forgives one's self, one no longer tries to be a victim or punish one's self or cause others to punish himself or herself.

Again, yesterday's gathering was intense and a lot of spiritual ground was covered.
I give all credit to Spirit as I am the vessel.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Good day from the mountains of western North Carolina!

"Some days you get the bear. Some days the bear gets you. And some days you can't even find the woods."
(from my little book Tree Quotes)

Many of you can relate to the above quote. In this time of rush, work, look for work, pay bills, spend, make more money, work, look for work, etc., we often forget to pay homage to Spirit.
Whether dealing with relationships, jobs, health, travel, or just plain "getting on with our lives," we should always remember to give thanks for what we have, acknowledge that we are all connected by Spirit, and ask for guidance.

In doing this, we will always feel a sense of comfort whether we get the bear, the bear gets us, or we are asked to live in the woods.

Don't forget, put your Spiritual duties (prayer, ceremony, acknowledgment, gratitude, discernment) first, and your day will go much better.
You might even get to see a bear!