Sunday, January 22, 2012


While conducting one of my teaching sessions this afternoon (on my A Book of Spiritual Wisdom for all days) I had a realization I want to share with everyone.
I have mentioned before that now is a time of deepening change. We are going from a materialistic existence to a more spiritual existence. This is bringing up much fear.
It has been my assumption for several years that the masculine energies (seeking control to keep things running, trying to protect, etc.) have been on top of us all for quite a long time now, and that time is ending. Feminine energies (healing, creativity, mothering, etc.) are now rising. We need both, of course, but we need both of these energies to be BALANCED. Not only within the world but within ourselves as well. The only way for these energies to balance now is for the masculine energies to fall downward and the feminine energies to rise upward - so that there can be a meeting and blending and balancing.
This is what is happening.

Not only is there fear coming from the falling of the masculine energies, there is also fear rising as the feminine energies rise: fear is what has kept the masculine energies in control and fear is what has kept the feminine energies held down.

Think about this....

Fear manifests its energy in many ways: physical sickness, emotional problems, abandonment issues, loss of material properties, and on and on. We have to REMIND ourselves on a daily basis that during this time, fear is all around and we have to DEAL WITH OUR OWN in ways that will make us stronger.
Seek the source of your fear- talk about it - write about it - replace it with spiritual faith that all is as it should be - and all is changing. Do not fear change - it is one of the certainities of our human lives.
Pray daily that all is working toward the good of the WHOLE. Never forget we are all interconnected.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Gathering for Teachings on the Spiritual Energies of Ceremony

I am planning to do a series of these in different cities this year. The first will be in Asheville, NC on Saturday, March 24th from 8:30 to 5:00 pm at The Biltmore Room at the Comfort Suites at Biltmore Mall. Cost is 155.00 which includes all materials and a copy of my new book A Book of Ceremonies and Spiritual Energies Thereof.

We are all in need of personal ceremonies these days. Many are searching for a closer connection to Spirit to help better themselves and to deepen their creativity. The world is in a state of change now - and anytime change happens, everything that needs consideration comes to the surface.

Please go to my homepage on this website for more info on the gathering here in Asheville.
Also, please let me know if you might be interested in hosting a gathering in your city.

Best and blessings to all!
Stay Strong!!!!!!