Friday, October 8, 2010

Energy Never Ends

On Being A Medium

I become a conduit for spirits

I snake out snake stretch
crawl into memories
touch others in places not seen, then recoil
bring out quivers of confusion
shoot arrows of recognition

mix metaphors of wishes with similes of life
wander boundlessly
plains of journeys traveled for millenniums
milieus of spirits past, present, to come

I direct through direction
make tears fall
shudder out truths, propose
release madness inside a covered shell of shame

Different eyes stare around mine
spiritual mouths employ me
to scold, renew, guide, scorch, forgive, tingle, love, and
mingle with words that don’t remember being said
I become a conduit for spirits

And lives mesh through eternities

MariJo Moore ©October 2010