Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bragging A Bit

In the April 2010 issue of Western North Carolina Woman, there is a great (I think) article about me and my work written by Cheri Jones. I am flattered and grateful for this!

You can pick up a free copy if you live in WNC, or you can go to their website and scroll down till you see the article.

And today, the sun is shining!!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

new poem

Another Fire Blazing Hot With Memories

Memories I am burning
memories I no longer need to keep.

I thought I would sift through their lingering ashes some day
I know I won’t
I know I don’t need them
really, I never did.

Memories of moments I never quite processed
ideas I never let go of
people I wanted to love but couldn’t
people who wanted to love me and somehow managed to do so.

The fire is dramatic and sad and refreshing
all at the same time
I am growing emotionally
one blue flame at a time.

Memories I am burning
Memories I no longer need to keep.

Life journeys on…

MariJo Moore © March 30, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010


the sun is shining and I am feeling like I need a reprieve from life but I just keep on keeping on....

life on life's terms..... something I heard a long time ago in AA meetings...
something that still rings true....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spirituality Is Paying Attention

Last night I was dealing with the fact that I needed to let go of anger and resentment toward myself concerning how I have given so much money to those I thought were in need, instead of being more concerned for my own financial future.
I don't only mean family, I mean friends or people I have come in contact with.
Money that was given freely, or loaned and never paid back.

I needed to forgive myself for what I thought was the cause of why I am now going through certain circumstances.

While giving a reading to a client this morning, he said "I don't know why I feel like I have given and given and now I need help and no one is giving to me. I think giving too much and helping others too much is a weakness I have." He was then told by the spirit of his grandfather, "That is part of your nature. That is what makes you who you are. Forgive yourself and know that whatever you have given has been and will be forever given back to you."

Not only did he hear what he needed to hear, I heard what I needed to hear just by following my path and doing what I am called to do.

I have given and given and I will always receive what I need, but not always from those I have given to. If I truly believe that giving is a circle, like everything else in life, then I have to believe that those who were helped by money I gave them have helped or will help others in return.

So now, I don't see myself as one who has to loan or give in order for people to "like or accept" me.
I see myself as one who has learned another great lesson by paying attention.

What goes around comes around....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spiritual Balance

Today is just like any other day other than it is not....

Make sense? Of course not, but not much is making sense these days.

Life is going on... bending, trying to back up but knowing it must go forward, shaping itself into what is meant to be while we wait around for... for what?
New love, new clothes, new house, new money, new health....

There is nothing new that comes without releasing something old....

We are born inside the circle
We live inside the circle
We die inside the circle
No way to step outside or over ....

Rremember, if you are feeling down today, you will feel up soon.
And vice versa.

This is life.
This is living.
This is the way of spiritual balance.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wilma Mankiller

“When people cease waiting for great leaders or prophets to solve entrenched problems and look, instead, within themselves, trusting their own thinking, believing in their own power, and to their families and communities for solutions, change will follow. In traditional indigenous communities, there is an understanding that our lives play themselves out within a set of reciprocal relationships. If each human being in the world could fully understand that we all are interdependent and responsible for one another, it would save the world.” —Wilma Mankiller

Holding Wilma in the light.

> It is with a sad heart that I am passing on this information which I
> just read on the webpage of Indian Country Today: Wilma Mankiller has
> stage IV pancreatic cancer. Life in this stage is from 3 to 6 months
> although some people have lived longer.
> Many will know Ms. Mankiller as the past Chief of the Cherokee Nation
> of
> Oklahoma. Indians throughout the Continent will be impacted by this
> event.
> Go to Indian Country Today's website for more information.