Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spiritual Balance

Today is just like any other day other than it is not....

Make sense? Of course not, but not much is making sense these days.

Life is going on... bending, trying to back up but knowing it must go forward, shaping itself into what is meant to be while we wait around for... for what?
New love, new clothes, new house, new money, new health....

There is nothing new that comes without releasing something old....

We are born inside the circle
We live inside the circle
We die inside the circle
No way to step outside or over ....

Rremember, if you are feeling down today, you will feel up soon.
And vice versa.

This is life.
This is living.
This is the way of spiritual balance.


  1. Heidi says

    "There is nothing new that comes without releasing something old...." I appreciate that portion of your writing because it is so true. We are shedding off our old selves in order to make way for the new self, just like the snake sheds his skin or the bird it's feathers. Leaving the old behind is necessary, though we may grieve the leaving of it..."

  2. beautifully put and so true! thanks for the reminder. Miss you hopefully we can catch up soon. xoxxoxo MBB