Sunday, September 16, 2012

Completing the Puzzle

There is no way to complete the puzzle of life until all the pieces are discovered.
I have found several:

A few existing in the past, buried beneath denial
One meshed in the heart, stopping anything resembling remorse
Three entangled in the trees outside life
Swinging and singing to and fro with ill winds.

And some have appeared somewhat miraculously:

Many in the holding of small hands
One in the reappearing dream of happiness
A large jagged piece in the eyes
And thousands of tiny glinting clues, hiding in the stars.

Life continues on whether all the pieces are brought into being or not
Completing its own puzzle, of which my findings are but a continuous compulsory involvement…

MariJo Moore © Sept 16, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Day of Rain

There’s a burning hatred inside me
A burning hatred of love
The type of love that destroys
Excuses abandonment
And contains more denial than truth

This burning hatred has caused no end of scorching.
This burning hatred has caused no end of curiosity.
This burning hatred has caused no end of self-loathing.

I shall add new embers to this fire
Embers of lost ideas
Embers of meaningful lies
Embers of walking away

Today I shall sit in the rain
Feel the drops entering the inner fire
Listen to the thunder mocking my decisions

And allow
All steaming to flee
All blazes to subside
All grief to ignite with pain and burn
Incessantly until

I no longer fear love
In any form.

© MariJo Moore
September 3, 2012