Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I have learned living in a condo

Vampires melt in the sun, but if they have an umbrella, they won't melt: my four year old downstairs neighbor told me this early this morning.

Cowbirds do not look like cows. I put a little bird feeder on my balcony and a pair of cowbirds have claimed it.
They make the most interesting sounds: all whistles and gurgles.

The creek down below keeps flowing, whether I do or not.

Life unfolds as it should and I am just a tiny bit of the whole system.

Going up and down three flights of stairs does wonders for one's backside.

I need to see what I am not seeing, and accept what I have seen so my poor red eye can heal.
And Makayla, my nine year old granddaughter says that when she pushes her baby sister's nose, (Brooklyn is now seven weeks old) her eyes blink.
And Emma, my six year old granddaugher says she loves my new "moonscapes" on my balcony.
Those of you who know me well, know that I put suns and moons and stars everywhere.

Thank you to all who have ordered my latest book: A Book of Spiritual Wisdom - for all days.
Getting some really nice comments on it!