Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Update on August 9th Gathering

This past Sunday Spirit Speaking Gathering was tremendous. We laughed, we cried, we shared, we laughed and cried some more. The energy that comes during these gatherings is so very powerful; I feel the deepening connection to Spirit long after everyone has gone.
I am so grateful for what is happening here. Not only do I see the spiritual growth in so many others, I feel it in myself, as well.
Our next Gathering will be Sunday, August 23, and we will be discussing "Breaking Through the Ego to Spiritual Enlightenment."
Today, I am working on preparing for "The Healing Power of Colors Workshops," which will be held Saturday, Sept. 26 and Saturday, October 17, with the continuation workshop on Saturday, November 7th. Please mark your calendars!

Again, I want everyone to know that I welcome your comments, and that I am so grateful for all of the work that we are doing.


  1. i wish i could have been there. i bet it was great.

  2. This has been the best thing that has happened for me. Attending the workshops and gatherings and doing the work. I feel I am preparing myself to be able to live and live a quality full life. Thank you MariJo for doing this work for all of us.

  3. Hi all! I wanted to thank MariJo (and the group) as well for a great gathering and I wanted to share something with the group. The other day I was meditating with my rocks, feeling very positive, thinking a lot about gratitude... ego... family... universe... I picked up my blue rock (the dreaded blue rock of self forgiveness that seems to be throwing everyone for a loop!) and was instantly struck with a strong physical sensation of heaviness in my heart and right above by pubic bone. It was *very* uncomfortable and I had to put the rock down. I was stunned for a moment and then overwhelmed with the thought "Well FINALLY!!" I've been praying with this dang rock for weeks now and it's finally hit me! I really *do* need to forgive myself! It will make me sick if I don't! It already is, really, and will only get worse!!
    MariJo's story she shared about physically holding on to our emotional pain really hit home as my mother suffers with debilitating chronic pain which she readily admits is a result of childhood emotional abuse and unresolved grief. I think I really needed to hear that story (though it may have been hard to share - so thanks)to fully understand what I need to let go of - though at this meditation it was only a physical reaction and not an intellectual realization.
    But that part came today! I was praying with a different rock and it just flooded me with the understanding that I need to forgive myself for judging myself, and for my fear of being judged. (Every had MariJo ask "What are you afraid of?" Being judged!) I have worked for years to lose what I call the "Family Gift" of judging (and/or blaming) others and feel really at peace with that and have been a much a happier person when I was able to let that go. (I hope those who know me well would say I am a pretty non-judgmental person... I do believe people are doing the best they can and can't be perfect... believe me, it wasn't because of how I was raised.) But that was easy for me - part of my rebellion against my mom. However I have, apparently, held on tightly to judging myself, and to my fear of being judged, without realizing how damaging that is. It really feeds into this study of ego... judgment and criticism (and fear of it) is *all* about ego. Acceptance and love (all about spirit) can't really coexist with it. I have learned to accept and love others, warts and all (except people who bug me, of course - they can buzz off!) - but myself? I think that may be another story. I'm ready to forgive myself for that little personal faux pax, though... or at least begin the process. One small step for Ego, one giant leap for Spirit! And by the way, blue rock... See Ya! Have a nice swim!
    Anyone got a good ceremony for releasing generations of negative energy created by abuse and judgment?? I gots to git it out, people! Can I get an AMEN!!
    With non-judgmental love,
    (Thanks for listening)

  4. As i was meditating today--the word relationship kept coming up--it feel that I am opening up to a deeper relationship with spirit--the spirit within myself and spirit outside myself -if it is outside myself--and i am realizing that what I am striving for is a balance in my relationship with all--my female/male -balance in my relationship with food, the plants, the animals -it goes on and on. the balance is love and i feel the experience of fear is being pushed out as balance comes.--Thank you MariJo for our Sunday gatherings and the workshops--I am excited about working with my rock to open me to even more balance--

  5. Each time we gather is seems another layer is peeled back and revealed to me that brings me closer to spirit and balance. This week has been an exploration into the guilt and shame that resides in a pit that sits in my belly always. When guilt or shame raises its head in my life I can physically feel this pit start to churn. I can feel it so clearly right now as I write this. In my prayers this week I've asked to release the spirit of shame and guilt and replace it with yellow - the color of joy and trust. That being said... all my old habits/thoughts/patterns have come out in full force to show me the way, to show me just exactly where all this guilt and shame is sourced and housed in me. It is thick right now but I'm so grateful for awareness as I begin to move and learn a new way to be. Thank you and I look forward to our continued journey together!

  6. Amen Christine-I stand beside you and support you 100%.