Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Poem Concerning Our First Ceremonial Fire (Sept. 12, 2009)

Ceremonial Fire

Ancestral medicine
Reflections of those who worked with same
Ancestral medicine

Pipe smoking calling ancestral medicine
Fire burning welcoming ancestral medicine
Old spirits new spirits
Spirits not on this land before
Riding up on horses
Flying in on bats
Calling from a screech owl
Touching though a tiny dog
Rising from fire

All here we were
with them
Praying, drumming, rattling
Gourd seeds, deer hooves, small pebbles while
Flute was exalting
Moon hiding behind mountains, grasping our tears
Sun from other side of moon, laughing with us
Acceptance trailing in our wake of tobacco offerings
Water, air, fire, earth

Energies blending, spirits dancing
Ashes building to accommodate another
Ceremonial fire
Where hearts open hearts heal hearts grow
Inside and with
Ancestral medicine

MariJo Moore © September 13, 2009


  1. the poem took me back to the sacred fire last evening--the healing from it continues to warm me--your words expressed the power of the ceremony. My favorite line is:
    Where hearts open hearts heal hearts grow

    We are all in this together
    Thank you MariJo for bringing the circle together

  2. This is a comment from HHS:
    "Thank you for holding the space for those of us who are still finding
    our way in this world, MariJo! Among the sound of the crickets,
    katydids, screech owls, drums, rattles and flute I saw a large vortex
    above us with spirits smiling, laughing, dancing and drumming in pure
    delight at our presence! As a result of this ceremony, I realize that
    it truly is a thin veil that exists between worlds..." HHS