Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two Poems for The Wind


There are silences and there are silences.
Some that are pertinent to life
some rewarding in the mere
effort of observing them.

The sweet silence of a child's smile
the majestic silence of an eagle in flight
the deadly silence before the click of a gun
the destitute silence of eyes in old photographs.

The bitter silence of an unmarked grave
the murky silence of a still muddy lake
the angry silence of one who cannot fight back
the unaided silence of one's last breath.

There is also the silence that lives
beneath the wind.
A soundless sound which sometimes goes
awry and awakens a power that uproots
old trees and urges snowflakes into blizzards.

There is something extraordinary in this silence
something so fierce and creative
it is somehow inviting.
If ever this silence comes knocking at your door
listen closely with your heart.......
it has much to reveal.
© 1997 from Spirit Voices of Bones


The wind is a wild, wild woman
who knocks at the doors
of imposters
and screams inside
their brains.
© 2005 from Confessions of a Madwoman

1 comment:

  1. What powerful words as they come across as strong as the wind today.

    much thanks