Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Bang Results

Thoughts: If our origins really began with a big bang - no wonder we are all crazy....

maybe this life is all just a bad resounding boom...

Maybe I just need another cup of coffee...


  1. From Christopher Liontree:

    "Gratitude for all of the creation stories and the great mystery that has brought us here.
    Yes coffee is a blessing and founded in the province of Kaffa Ethiopia after an elder witnessed goats eating the red berries and watching them dance...then he ate some and his anciency turned into a physical jig. There is a roaster near by named Dynamite Coffee. Maybe coffee is the big bang.....
    Peace and Blessings and may this day be fertile for our solutions

  2. Now I have the wonderful vision of goats dancing in my mind...

    Thanks, Christopher!!!

  3. Marijo,
    I was wondering what your day was like yesterday, March 7th. Can you detail it and relate how you were moved and interacted with new situations? Mine was kind of extraordinary, a mix of new and old souls, and intstruction of others while I validated and explored my situation.
    Ben Hamilton, concept guy, author.

  4. Ben, too much to go into here...

    I'll send you a gmail

  5. A grand exploding collision is also a beautiful merging of light and mysteries perhaps. And, in space, there is no the great 'bang' would appear as a light explosion flare maybe. Peaceful.

  6. yes, perhaps peaceful, but we all are still crazy at times (: