Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dare We Believe in Miracles?

I found the following definition on the internet:
 A miracle is a violation of normal laws of nature by some supernatural entity or unknown, outside force.

To me, a miracle is something that occurs when all the so called "odds" are against it; when faith and ceremony help bring the miracle to pass.
For instance, when Sharon Oxendine came back from Africa with malaria, and the medical doctors told her she only had a few days to live, many of us prayed for her, performed ceremony for her, sent her healing energy. She was receptive to all of this, and of course she recovered fully and is doing great. So, do we have to believe in the power of prayer, ceremony, healing energy to see miracles happen?
I don't know that it is a prerequisite, but it certainly speeds up the process.
When we believe in the interconnectedness of all things (spirit energy) we can definitely see miracles happening.

Any comments on miracles?


  1. I believe in miracles even though I can't explain them. I've seen several things happen in my short thirty years on this planet that defy reason or expectation.

  2. I never thought I would have a miracle like this in my life. This miracle has caused me to look around and begin to see the impossible happening my life and in others lives. I think we have all prayed for miracles before but when it happens it is really mind blowing.
    the miraculous part is I did not just live but my life has changed. I have changed. My paradigm has shifted and I feel all rearranged.
    If anyone needs a miracle I want to support that possibility.

  3. Miracles defy the laws of nature. For me, that means TRULY defy. And they're everywhere.

    For instance, physics tells us that nothing moves without being set in motion, and all motion tends to stop. Yet the entire universe is moving--on the macrocosmic scale, in the galaxies, and in the microcosmic scale, within the atom. EVERYTHING is moving, and perpetually. As far as I can tell, this is the greatest mystery in the universe.

    Another great miracle: Time is constantly making some things grow and taking others off the planet, another cosmic kind of motion.

    When I found a Lakota wise enough to tell me what lay at the true center of Lakota "religion" ("cosmology" would be a better word), he said "Taku Skan Skan." Translation: that which moves that which moves. The SOURCE of all motion. There's the miracle.

    Aristotle called it God, or the Prime Mover. But what did he know? :)

    caleb fox