Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So What About When The Miracle Doesn't Happen?

What do we do when we work hard for a miracle: we pray, perform ceremony, have healing circles, even feel that the miracle is sure to happen, and it doesn't? 

That is what I am dealing with today. 

It seems there are so many things we cannot and may never know about how Spirit works in our lives. 
What if one is told the miracle will happen just so he or she can deal with the real outcome in a positive way? What if this helps one not to "fall to pieces" and therefore be present in body, mind and spirit when the reality of a situation reveals there is no miracle?

We can never know the full story. As a psychic/medium, I  can only convey what I am told to convey. This is a huge responsibility and no one is ever 100% correct. And of course, free will is always a factor in things that happen or do not happen.
Perhaps the miracle will present itself another time or perhaps the miracle came in a way I do not know about at this time.

I honor Spirit in all I do and realize again and again I am the messenger, the vessel, and am not God or Goddess or a Higher Power.

I thank all of you who read this blog, and I welcome comments.


  1. When a miracle does not happen I am so discouraged and disappointed. I will never forget I went to school for two years for a job that did not hire me after I graduated. I felt broken and betrayed even by Spirit. One year later the same people tried to hire me and I declined because I was in a place(where I am now) and I was happy. That same place ended up folding in antother couple of months. There have been so many times I wanted what I thought was the miracle and then later found out that the miracle is always there. You sometimes just have to uncover it.

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  3. My prayers are with you. Sounds like you've had a hard day...

  4. But the miracle is always happening. The ceaseless motion in every atom, the eternal circling of not only the stars but the galaxies, and the endless dancing of Kali, bringing life into the world with one step, taking it out with the next--none of these miracles ever slow down for a moment.

    Failure comes only if we don't notice the miracles, or don't care.

    caleb fox (win blevins)

  5. I do not think that during this existence as earth beings we can know the big picture--we can desire/wish for/ the miracle and the big picture is that our existence can change as needed for our highest good--the miracle may be that we did not get what we wished for and something better is coming in its place-

  6. Miracle defined
    #1 That which we ask/wish for
    #2 That which spirit gives us

    Not always one in the same.