Thursday, May 27, 2010

Letting Go and Acceptance

It's been a while since I put up a new posting, but I have known what I needed to write about for weeks now.

Letting Go: When I think I am letting go of a situation, I find myself trying to make deals with Spirit.
For example: I will let go of my house and put it on the market for sale if you will see that this happens first... that I get to decide who buys the house and land..... etc.
This is just my way of stalling - of not trusting. How can I let go of something that was never mine to begin with? I have only been the caretaker of this house and land as a gift from Spirit. Now, it is time to move on.

Acceptance: When I finally stop putting conditions on my "letting go" and realize that whatever is coming for me is exactly what I need to continue on my spiritual path; when I stop whining and pleading and trying to figure out WHY AND WHY NOW ..... when I finally realize that I am being taken care of on a daily basis and that all my needs are met on a daily basis, then I know true acceptance of a situation.

Funny, isn't it - how we try and try to control others, to manipulate situations, to trick Spirit into giving us what we think we want. When all along all we have to do is surrender to the knowledge that our lives are intertwined with others - that we are just a bit of a major plan - that everyone has to be in his or her place for exact timing to become reality - then we can know complete (albeit fleeting) acceptance of our lives.

Letting go is a constant struggle.
Acceptance is a process.


  1. I too have been resisting...I know not what, just the usual stuff that we all resist—CHANGE. Like it's not going to happen, with or without us.
    We so want to "know" what's ahead, what's around the corner, when we know very well we cannot. We pride ourselves in being so evolved, then confront the fact that we're not really. Oh yeh, maybe more than most...but that's not saying a whole lot, and if we're depending on that to sustain us, we're standing on pretty shaky ground.
    I'm sinking in the quicksand of wanting to know but not knowing. How about you?

  2. From Cat

    I am deeply moved by this, going through it in a new way for me. Yesterday I made the decision to let something go (a future activity), and then was corrected by Spirit: I was to continue with what I had been holding/planning so that I could walk through the fire of transmutation of a whole new category of inner conflict. What I was to let go of was the pattern of fleeing from it. I am given that the burning of my own old material will offer insight to others, in light and warmth, as we together allow this ancient human ignorance to be changed within us. You helped me with this, with your writing, and I share my own heart and life with you here.
    In Life (today's name for Spirit, highlighting the holiness of our incarnated experiences),