Monday, May 3, 2010

New poem

Tree Split By Lightning

Fire quietly speaking
telling tales, memories and dreams yet to come:
Dried blood, laughing owls
shadowed faces, softening rocks.

Simultaneous deaths radiating new lives all inside this tree.
Inside ashen colored mystical galleries of trees
this tree, this fortunate, very fortunate tree
emits reasoning to all the world…

MariJo Moore © May 2, 2010


  1. From Jane

    Just read your latest blogs....

    The one that touched me most was the one on forgiveness...I agree with your friend. In order to forgive anyone .... you must first start with yourself. ...

    It is not the one that wrongs us that is the hardest to forgive.... It is ourselves for allowing it to happen, for not being smart enough, or wise enough, or strong enough, loved enough, old enough... whatever word that needs to be applied. Isn't it really ourselves that we are most angry with?

    Yes WHAT the offender did was wrong...but were they??.... Do we need to first allow ourselves to realize that no matter how painful it was a lesson learned. One that shapes us into the very person we are today. This experience no matter how much it hurts is one that we need to take and allow ourselves to grow and move forward. To wear our healing/ healed .... wounds as the battle scars of life..... We ALL have them. some of us tending those wounds and allowing them to fade... forgetting----forgiving..... and...moving forward with renewed strength in knowing that we are capable of facing adversity and coming through with wounds that will heal.

    Those that cannot forgive....looking upon those wounds with hatred, mistrust and all things negative..... as the festering wounds grow becoming more and more angry...slowly allowing it to eat away at the very soul of our being

    and the offender.... not even aware.. or... if aware.....
    unable, unsure or unwilling to make amends for the pain and suffering that an action....

    deliberate or accidental

    .... has impacted the life of someone ...

    some have remorse.. some have gained great pleasure ....
    that is the path they walk in life

    I pray for forgiveness for myself

    so I may continue my own healing...

    I pray so I may forgive those offenders ...

    I pray that those I have offended... forgive me..

    I ask to walk the path of the healer ...

    and give THANKS.... for wounds healing and healed.

  2. Lovely Poems. Very hard mothers day yesterday in the adoption community with sadness to break the world. I needed to read beautiful writing today. Thank you.

  3. MariJo, I hope you're doing well. Haven't seen you around lately, but I've been thinking of you and sending love your way.