Friday, June 4, 2010

She Trembles (a prophecy)


She trembles and the trees growl.
Catacombed mystery-lined innards
daring machinery to bite at her memories.
You shall be punished for this!

She trembles and the oceans roll
with wet-tasting morsels sweetened
with thick oily poisons.
Leave her be!

You've marked her eyes
torn her flesh, ate her intentions
and streaked her thighs.
It's not only too late - it's too demanding.

Scattering her memories once honored
now disgraced by progress.
Milking her breasts with pumps of steel
smearing her face with hardening make-up

building mounting erecting her belly
with toys she will someday destroy.
You silly foolish ones
who desire to capture the future in signs.

There is no future for you
save retribution and in-kind contributions
from those you represent.
She trembles and we all fall down.

MariJo Moore ©1997

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  1. Holy Holy Holy

    Marijo...I am moved. May we find another way.