Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday, Full Moon, Healing, Hawk

Today is my birthday. I am 58. There is a full moon.
This morning, when I looked outside my kitchen window, I saw a small hawk sitting on a post in my yard. I watched as it flew to a tree; I walked out on the deck and sang it a spirit song. It watched me until I had finished the song, then flew away.

Last night I couldn't sleep. I am healing nicely from my surgery (last Wed.) and have been resting well until last night. So many thoughts going through my mind.

I am so grateful for all the healing prayers and well wishes so many of you have sent to me.
I feel the prayers; I feel the energy; I feel the love.

So wonderful to be able to feel all of these.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear MariJo! Many blessings to you today. I'm relieved to hear you're recovering nicely. We want to bring you dinner one night when you're up for it; be in touch when you're ready and let us know of any dislikes and food allergies.

  2. Happy Birthday! The Great Spirit is with you in all things. Healing, creating and the vision of the coming prosperity...

    friend in peace,

  3. Happy Birthday MariJo!! I'm so glad to hear, through Anna & Suzie, that you are doing so well after your surgery. I also heard that they made you some yummy comfort food, so I'm coming to your house for dinner! Much love :)