Saturday, August 14, 2010

Signs of Change

This morning I can feel a bit of autumn in the air. A few leaves are already turning to glorious colors, and the crows are singing happily about the cooler weather.

This Wednesday I will go to St. Joseph's Hospital in Asheville for my surgery.
This day will also be the date of 24 years of sobriety for me.
Nothing happens by accident.

I will be letting go, literally, of memories that have served me well, but no longer need.
Memories of shame, abuse, guilt, fear, and even misplaced love and desire.

I trust my doctor, I trust my family and friends to pray for a speedy recovery, and I trust my path.

Last night I dreamed of snakes.
Transformation.... shedding old renewing itself.


  1. I've been seeing dragonflies a lot lately; which from my research signifies change and adapting to change. This is apropos to my life right now, as there are many changes in the air.

    MariJo, you will be in my prayers this week. If you get a chance, stop by E-C Lib. tomorrow and have a treat with us.

    All the best, Melisa

    P.S. Please let me know if you need anything.