Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Making Progress

I feel like I am somehow making progress in my life.
I have scheduled a surgery that I have been putting off for a long time.
I have tried and failed to understand all that is going on in my life, and so now I am just letting go of the things I cannot change.
I have adjusted my diet to not include so much gluten and have finally accepted the fact that I am growing older and that life is to be enjoyed more than understood.
Things that used to mean so much no longer do, and more and more I am realizing that the more I try to understand how my gift of being a pyschic/medium works, the more I have to accept that it is all energy and not for me to know.
A gift - but oh such a responsibility. I have to keep reminding others that I am the vessel, not the source of the information.
I am seeing the outcome of all the spiritual work I have done with others this past year and a half - with readings and workshops and gatherings and I am so happy to have been a part of all of these.
Again, I am the vessel, not the source.
We have to all do our part... we have to all believe in ourselves...and believe that what we do in the world touches so many others...

Thank you to all of you who believe in spiritual ancestors, Spiritual guidance, and the freedom to believe as you choose.


  1. I believe in spiritual ancestors, spiritual guidance, and I believe in you, in your wisdom.
    Ah, "life is to be enjoyed more than understood."
    Indeed. Be well my friend. I'm glad you wrote today, I needed your words.

  2. I wish I felt I was making progress in my life; instead, I feel stuck. I'm not sure how to change, and am scared that maybe there's no need for change. I realize acceptance is the key to serenity, but wow is it difficult.
    "have finally accepted the fact that . . . life is to be enjoyed more than understood." I needed to hear that today--as you said what we do touches others. Thank you, MariJo. Peace to you.
    <3 Melisa