Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanks and giving

It's been a while since I have posted on my blog. I have been neglecting it and I apologize.
I do believe this past year has been one of the most painful and stressful ones that I have endured in a long time.
I say "endured" because that is exactly what I have done - endured. I have tried to let go and be happy and tried to be happy and let go - and no matter what sequence, I have cried and grieved along the way.
Now, I am ready to move forward.
Funny how I often think I am ready for something to change in my life and then when the change actually begins, I try to stop it - rationalize it - cajole it to wait, etc. But this year has been the year I have learned for a fact: CHANGE IS INEVITABLE.
I do realize that we get what we ask for - in one way or another - so I am being more and more careful about what I ask for, even what I think I want to ask for. Specifics - the Universe works in specifics. Words are so very powerful so I have to be careful of what words I choose to use in prayer. And I have learned to LISTEN more intently, especially to my son. He sometimes knows more about what I need than I do.
I am so very grateful this season of giving thanks. Although this has been a rough year, I have so many things and people to be grateful for and to. Many of whom read this blog, have bought my books, and have had readings with me, or come to my workshops/and/or spirit speaking gatherings. Thank you, everyone.
Stay strong, stay focused on growing spiritually, and stay posted.... more to come!
And as you give thanks this season, don't forget to give yourself a big "THANK YOU!" for hanging in there, because no doubt, you have had an enduring year as well.

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  1. Part of continuing to grow is to become one with the facts that some things are truly inevitable. More and more over the past year, I am becoming accustomed to the fact that I must embrace what is happening to me; accept it; and move on. You, my dear friend have given me smiles and truly fond memories in the past several months. I am so thankful that Marijo, who never really left my life, is now again a wonderful part of it. I love you, dear heart and willing you strength and perserverance thru cyberspace and the heavens above.