Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

Hello everyone...
The last two weeks of 2010 were the most trying for me that I have ever experienced.

My house and land sold (the buyers got a great deal but at least it is sold) and we were scheduled to close on the 22. So, on the 21, my son and I loaded a UHaul with my remaining possessions (thanks to all of you who bought what I sold and accepted what I gifted). That afternoon, I received a call stating that there was a problem with the bank's computer (buyer's loan) and so the closing was put off for a week. We had to unload the UHaul and return it (it was due back and they would not allow me to keep it as someone else had already reserved it).
Then, the snow and ice came. I was stuck in the house for almost a week (praying the electricity would stay on as I had already given away all my wood) and eating canned soup. I did get to see my son and his family on Christmas Eve so that was a blessing.

I had found a little house to buy on Chunn's Cove in Asheville. The day before the closing, I received a phone call saying there was another glitch in the buyers' HUD loan and so the closing might be put off again. Thankfully, it wasn't but when I went to the closing to buy the little house I was told by my attorney that the owner could not produce a marketable title. In other words, if I bought this house, I would not be able to resell it or really ever own it. This was the day I was supposed to move out of the cabin.
I decided it was not in my best interest to buy the little house, and since I had to move out of the cabin, my son and I rented yet another UHAUL and took all my possessions to a storage building. Thanks to Trisha, who works there, I was able to keep my wits about me as we unloaded the truck.
I am waiting to hear if I can get earnest money back since the owner said that if I would use HIS lawyer he could produce a marketable title.
Hope this doesn't turn into a court case.

Hercules (my little terrier) and I then rented a motel room and we have been here since Thursday night. My friends Anna and Suzie have GRACIOUSLY asked me to stay in their basement apt until I decide what I am going to do. But right now, I have decided to stay here in the motel and try to find a nice place to rent. I am shy of trying to buy again.


after all of that, I do have some positive notes.

I am grateful for my family and friends, and that I am healthy and so are my family.

My son found a great job with the school system working with autistic students.

I wrote (in three weeks) the first draft of my new book: Spiritual Wisdom: A Book for All Days and hope to have it available for sale soon.

I have learned that life has lots of surprises and I have definitely learned once again how to roll with the flow.


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  1. Hi Marijo,

    Wow, I'm so sorry to hear of that nightmare or, shall I say, nightmares! Will be sending prayers and all my very best wishes that the New Year will take a positive turn very soon and that the answers you seek become very clear. Thanks for sharing; so very much for sharing. You are a wise woman.