Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving and giving thanks

No, I am not going to write a diatribe about American Indians VS Europeans and say that at least one time they all sat down together and shared food. Or so we have been told.
Instead, I am going to say how grateful I am that the past year and all its changes for me is coming to a close.
I have learned so much about patience, listening, paying more attention and how important good friends are.

I say a heartfelt thank you to all who emailed to see how I was doing and those who use me as their spiritual advisor and those who have helped me in this time of spiritual healing. How blessed I am!

My son and his family are doing great - all three babies are growing and every time I hear one of them say, "Nana," my heart soars.

I am working on a new book of modern day ceremonies and plan to have it ready soon.

I am living in a peaceful place with good spirits all around.....

Yes, I am thankful.

For all - the good and the not so good - for after all, that is the balance of the Universe.

Stay strong and stay grateful.

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