Tuesday, December 13, 2011


There are so many things in this life we will never fully understand.
We are not yet capable to delve deep deep deep into the truth of understanding.
We have maybe not advanced enough spiritually, or maybe even physically, and certainly not mentally.
We have to make do with what we deem the truth to be and to try and do our best at whatever we are called to endure, enjoy, and share.

After all, life is a mixture of sweet rain and rotten leaves.

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  1. from Glenda
    Typical for me, I am basically computer illiterate! This morning, I saw the posting on FB of your latest blog and immediately went to it. I tried to write something then, but had a problem. Just now in seeing your email, I went back to the blog again. Glad I did as I thought a bit more of what you were saying. At first reading, I liked “sweet rain and rotten leaves”. At second reading, I like it even more!

    As an earlier person commented about experiencing life in the way of "sweet rain and rotten leaves", this was my exact reaction this morning when I read your writing. Never was it more clear than Saturday evening and Sunday! When looking at this in black and white, it reminds me that in the law of nature, it actually takes both working together to promote growth - sweet rain for necessary moisture and the breakdown of leaves to provide nutrients to the soil. When things in life seem to be really going astray, this is something to remember – our turmoil promotes and facilitates a better life ahead.

    I love you my dear friend and have always treasured your wisdom!