Thursday, August 16, 2012

GRATITUDE from the deepest part of my deep, deep soul...

August 18th I will be celebrating 26 years of sobriety.
August 24th I will be celebrating 60 years of life.

mystery, revelations, desire, denial, love, indifference, happiness, sadness, good, not so good, friendship, lies, truths to end all truths, endurance, pain, elation, laughter, tears....,

I am grateful for all of the above and much much more....


  1. HAPPY DAY THAT YOU WERE BORN!!! Blessings for a wonder full, health full, love full new year. Looking forward to seeing you soon!! Hugs, Jane

  2. I celebrate that we are friends every single day. I love you my friend.
    I thanked Mel Gasper who made the birchbasket for your upcoming auction. He also sends his love to you.