Monday, October 26, 2009


Yesterday's gathering was one of wonderment: so many who have been working with their medicine and regularly attending these gatherings/workshops are growing and opening up spiritually and receiving such great emotional support from the group.
I am happy to say I am one of these.
I do want to thank all of you for making all the work I do worthwhile. I love seeing the tears and hearing the laughter and I know all of this is Spirit's doing. We are making progress - we are learning how to become better healers- and we are learning it is OK- indeed part of our spiritual paths- to be vulnerable at times.
I must remind all of you that I listen to Spirit as to what each one in the group needs - that is part of my gift of being a psychic/medium. I am the vessel - I am not in the business of teaching American Indian ways, of passing on "secrets of Spirit" or of pretending to know more than I am told. I am here to guide, to learn, to offer a sacred safe place for those of you who are willing to listen and share.
I lay awake a long time last night, offering prayers up for each of you and knowing in my heart that I am doing what I am called to do. Thank you again for coming to the gatherings and workshops. Thank you for being a part of this group of wonderment and ever-deepening love for Spirit.
I do know that the group circle is going to grow with new people. We will be the ones who have paved the way, so to speak. We will be the ones to teach, to offer support, and to share what we have learned. This is by no means an easy journey. As you know, it gets harder and harder but more and more rewarding to our souls as we continue.
As we heal - an energy goes out into the world to help others do the same - to give them the courage to do as they are called - that is why the healing never ends - so many people are searching now - wanting to find a way to their Spiritual paths. THERE IS NO SHORTCUT TO DOING SPIRITUAL WORK! THERE IS NO ONE CERTAIN OR DIRECT WAY TO BYPASS WHAT NEEDS TO COME TO LIGHT AND HEAL. Hard work, acquiring knowledge, and paying attention is what it is all about. And being grateful. Being oh so very grateful. That is what constitutes a Spirit led life - or so I believe.


  1. Your words are so welcome, MariJo. Sunday's gathering was very healing. A powerful reminder to trust. Trust each other, trust where Spirit has led and will lead this group. Trust as the group grows and changes. Trust the many lessons we learn on keeping Spirit with us in our everyday lives as we ourselves heal, and as we work to help others heal.
    I was particularly grateful that our group was blessed with the opportunity to pause and affirm our direction. We have truly begun to practice healing ourselves in the safe space you provide, and to grow as healers as we support each other. Our group really is in a phase right now of *practicing* healing, not just talking about it as something outside of ourselves, or discussing it in theory. Often hard, maybe even unpleasant work, but the work we are led to do right now none the less.
    We definitely got to practice keeping Spirit present in our lives when dealing with others on Sunday and I for one am grateful for the opportunity to do that in a safe place, and to continue holding that lesson as I work this week to continue actively listening (even when it's hard), and responding from a place of gratitute and love.
    Thank You, MariJo.
    Please never doubt that our lessons are there for us, if we choose to welcome them.

  2. Thank you, Christine!
    Thank you so very, very much.