Monday, November 16, 2009

Changes and Reminders

Good morning!
A cold and frosty morning here in these old mountains. Our workshop this past weekend went extremely well. If anyone who attended would like to make a comment, please do!
Lots of changes going on here.
If you will visit my website you can see that we will be having only one Sunday Spirit Speaking Gathering per month until further notice. Next Sunday is Give-Away Ceremony and on December 13 we will be doing our Seed Ceremony.
Also, if you are interested in the January or February Workshops, you will have to register in advance.
I will only be taking 10 people at the Past Life Workshop in February.
As many of you know, I have been holding gatherings and workshops here for the past nine months and there have been a handful of you who have been truly dedicated and willing to work. I thank you and I appreciate your willingess and dedication. You have been given the first opportunity to enroll in a life-changing rite of passage.
It is my belief that others will follow...
but to you six, I say again THANK YOU and BLESS YOU!


  1. MariJo - Any chance the workshop attendees could get a copy of all that great chakra information? It was *so* well done!! Thank you for all your work - such great stuff!