Monday, November 9, 2009

Yesterday's Gathering (Nov 8, 2009)

Yesterday's gathering still has me in deep thoughts. I am so grateful for this group and for the courage and willingness of those who share. PLEASE REMEMBER: What you hear here should not be shared with others outside this group. Take what you hear here and incorporate it into your lives and be willing to respect the boundaries and sacred space I offer.
I have worked hard to make this a secure place for those of you who are working with me. I respect your privacy and I expect everyone in this group to respect the privacy of each other. We are doing some amazing spiritual work, which requires us to open our hearts and let our pain and struggles mingle with our revelations and accomplishments. This takes courage and time and I will not have anyone here making anyone who is dedicated to this work feel that her privacy is not respected.
There. Having stated that, I want to again say thank you and blessings to all who could attend yesterday.
Next Saturday is our 2nd workshop on The Healing Power of Colors and I look forward to seeing everyone again.

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