Monday, April 5, 2010


was a day of love, beauty, fun and gratefulness for me.
I attended church with my son and his family. They go to Biltmore Baptist Church and have been inviting me to go for weeks. Well, being the so called hedonist pagan Indian that I am, of course I chose to go on Easter. Isn't that when everyone goes?
Anyway, I must admit I was pleased with the visit. The pastor is young and vibrant and intent upon sharing God not religion. I can see why my son is drawn there.
As I sat next to him, I could feel that he had been wanting me to visit this service with him not to try and get me "saved" but to allow me to see what he has found: a deeper imprint on his path.
I felt his love for me and I felt his love for his family. I even sang Amazing Grace with the congregration.

Afterwards we ate lunch with my daughter-in-law's family and then partipated in the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

I felt happy; I felt loved; I felt accepted.

The three things that matter most to me in this life.

I love being a mother. I love being a Nana. I love my family.

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  1. I accept you, I love you and you are a part of my family. tewahila. xoxoM